jeudi 15 avril 2010



une autre compile tranquille pour mettre un baume dessur votre être intérieur...
et pour contenter l'ami El Duce!


Porn Sword Tobacco - "Vingar Av Sv"
Jesse Somfay - "Folding Ghosts Into Origami Stars"
Martyn - "Bridge"
Paavoharju - "Salainen Huone"
Tim Hecker - "Currents of Electrostasy"
Off The Sky - "Dripping Lightly, Diffuses…"
Swod - "Frost"
Lone - "Buried Coral Banks"
Klimek - "Tears of Happiness"
Mokira - "Contour"
Valgeir Sigurdsson - "Lungs, For Merilee"
Ghostly Machines - "Walking Through A Park Using Moonlight As Our Guide"
SubtractiveLAD - "The Day Away"
Tenniscoats - "Hakka"
Bvdub - "Lest You Forget"
Deaf Center - "Ashes"
Loscil - "Strathcona"
Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek - "Homecoming"
William Basinski - "92982.3"
Byetone - "Capture This (I)"


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